My Methow

Note: This is the outdated 2013 version. Click here for 2014 version.
This tool will indicate the current 2013 rates and the upcoming rate structure increase/decrease in April 2014. It will also indicate your current G1-G4/Irrig service class rating and other special rate alternatives in effect.

This tool will attempt to retrieve your monthly energy use data based on the kwh usage value you enter fronm your bill. It may retrieve more than one meter record with the same kwh usage values as yours from other meters. Please select the record that matches the 1st 2 letters of your account name. If you need help, contact the OCEC office at 509-996-2228.

After record selection, your annual usage will be charted along with a summary compared to other members. In addition, you will be able to compare your bill with other utilities and coops in the PNW along with options for the OCEC new rate structure.

Input your kwh usage:   

Example output: