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Electrical rates, conservation, and our Coop

Calculator and website

Postby pasayten_admin » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:46 pm

This post is from Mike in Mazama on 12/1/2010...
I changed the original comment/discussion software to phpbb3 and copied Mike's post here.

Great job here Ray, on the calculator and all it's incarnations and now the supporting website. A load of time for the benefit of us all. Thank you. I owe you at least a beer!

My demand use during last winter was 21-22kw, haven't turned on the furnace this winter and I am at about 8 kw now. Besides the cost of the power consumed, I'm saving about $38 a month. Is that stealing from the Coop?

Maybe the Coop could change the demand charge to the highest 15 minute period in a year and charge just once, at 12 times the $2.70 for a single ding of $453. Keep those who try steal capacity revenue inline.

Or maybe they could use the Smart Meter capability more as a tool to conserve energy, rate tiers based on consumption and/or voluntary time shifting with incentives to shift (funded or offset by the tiered rates). That would be more like what the big boy utilities do with their technology, use it to benefit everyone rather than to shift the bulk of the low KWHr rate savings to the big consumption accounts. The demand charge becomes less of an overall cost the more you consume.

I have 11 bills handy, just need one more if you still wish to crunch a high consumption residential coop member.

Mike, Mazama
Cheers, pasayten (Ray Peterson)
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Re: Calculator and website

Postby pasayten » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:49 pm


Thanks for the thanks... lol...

I am probably an energy user like you... My unmanaged demand would be in the 24kw range... I am currently managing it to around 12-16kw in winter with little effort, but can squeeze it down to 8-9 if I also rigidly manage dryer and hwt use. These values includes heating the house as we do not burn wood... but we do have the advantage of a geothermal ground source heatpump system. I have toggle switches on the backup heat strips in the furnace and have both banks switched off. I also have a second heatsource of infloor radiant heat in the full basement run thru an instant hobleepeder tank.

I agree that it is a little strange that we do not have a tiered kwh use system as high constant energy use users do well with the current system... I found that with the infloor system left on at a low constant kwh rate allows me to leave off the backup heat strips of the geothermal system and keeps the house very cozy warm with minimal monthly cost. I also agree that peak demand can also greatly influence system load if at the same time... If off peak, it is not an issue.

I would be in favor of running a variety rate structures thru some revenuse analysis for the coop to maybe have better information to come up with the best structure for all.

Just throwing a current thought out, it would be interesting to see what a smaller base of $13, combined with the minimum billing demand of 10kw ($27), and a tiered rate 0-1500 @ 0.0384, and abv 1500 @ 0.0484 or something like that... The part-timers would still get their miniumum $40 bill and full-timers would have 10kw of demand to play with before getting "penalized". The part-timers would also have the 10kw demand to play with when they arrived and turned stuff on... High users will end up paying a little more after the first 1500kw... etc...

The coop needs certain revenues and the rate structure is just how you distribute it among the members. Managing peak load also allows tuning the infrastructure in a more efficient way...
Lots of factors to consider...
Cheers, pasayten (Ray Peterson)
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Re: Calculator and website

Postby mikeps » Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:59 am

I'm back but now on phpBBS. Nicely done as always and always evolving. thanks once again...
-- Mike, Mazama
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